Series on Feminist Prespectives on Biblical Authority and Genesis 1:26-28 (Image of God):  click on each title

     1.       The Creation Story Revisited Besides that, scripture was beginning to look really inadequate. Then God engendered feminist theology and creation started to take on some semblance of its original design. Started – mind you – it still had a long way to go.

     2.       Biblical Authority – “The Bible is truth, but the difficulty for all Christians is determining what in scripture is truth for all time, and what is truth for a time.” 

    3.       Feminist Theologies – Phyllis Trible, Letty Russell and Rosemary Radford Ruether, among others, share an attitude that the prophetic strain of scripture, with its criticism of all forms of oppression, naturally leads to a critical feminist hermeneutic to interpret the message in the modern context.

    4.      Deconstruction and the Hermaneutic of Suspicion – Rather than a redemptive use of text, which presupposes a diminished state from which to be freed, this view seeks to strategically use what is gleaned to seek out how scriptural texts can, in the words of Elizabeth Castelli, “help us to think about theory, power, solidarity and resistance … which dominate thinking today.”

   5.      Genesis 1:26-28 – The Image of God and Women – In this respect, feminist theology and hermeneutics, like other disciplines, seeks to determine the truth, and hence authority, of scripture for women and men. Perhaps then, men and women can live into the “image of God” – into their true God-given identities. 

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