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Marriage Denied

I would like to point you in the direction of a brief article that takes a different tack on the marriage issue.

It is brilliant in it’s simplicity, and makes a cogent point easy to understand.

It can be found at

Enjoy the chuckle, but give serious thought to the implications.


A Guide to Understanding Gays

This isn’t original to me, either. I just don’t know who to credit.

(prepared for heterosexuals, or neanderthals – you pick) Continue reading ‘A Guide to Understanding Gays’


Albany Presbytery Votes Pro-GLBT

On Saturday, January 24 2009, the Albany Presbytery voted to approve the constitutional amendment to three sections of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The primary change was to section G-6.0106b, the wording of which technically denied ordination to LGBT people seeking positions as deacons, elders or ministers. Before examining the potential effects on each ecclesiastical level of the church, you might want to check out the old and new wording. To do so, click here.

In some respects, this vote has the potential to have a major effect on the Presbyterian Church (USA), if it approved by 81 more presbyteries. It quite possibly will also be somewhat significant for the local presbytery. But, for the local church, little will change except that leaders will not be able to name a third-party as the reason it chooses not to ordain LGBT elders. The primary impact of this amendment is that it puts responsibility for determining the suitability of candidates for deacon, elder or minister squarely on the church body that approves the ordination – session for church officers and presbytery for ministers. Continue reading ‘Albany Presbytery Votes Pro-GLBT’

... or, preaching from both ends


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