God is in Gaza and Israel

On another forum site on which I participate, a thread was started entitled “The Victimization of Hamas.” Basically, the premise of the original poster was that Hamas was getting what it deserved, and the civilians being killed, maimed and hurt were somehow complicit by the very presence in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip. Shockingly, to me at least since this is generally a socially, politically and theologically progressive forum, many agreed. This was my latest response:


“Let’s see, the toll so far is well over a thousand Palestinian dead (a reasonable retribution for the less than two dozen Israelis), one hospital destroyed and two others damaged by direct hits, UN headquarters destroyed, a Near East Council of Churches clinic for mothers and babies destroyed, a UN school destroyed killing 40 and who knows how many other atrocities. But it’s okay, right? They’re our allies.
In the case of the school, the Israeli leaders responded to criticism by saying that the school was “targeted” because it was shielding rocket-firing militants. These militants, evidently, are the same kind of menace as Bush’s weapons of mass destruction and about as equally real. Since the international public outcry, the Israelis have investigated and said it wasn’t targeted after all but was the result of a stray mortar. We said we meant to hit it, but we were mistaken. I guess the standard answer that militants are using civilian facilities as shields may or may not be accurate – maybe, maybe not, but it’s our story and we’re sticking to it – as long as we have stray mortar fire to fall back on. Mortar, no less, in an urban environment where the Israelis are pursuing a precision military operation “aimed at minimizing civilian casualties.”

Since there is no evidence that white phosphorus is actually being used –

photo courtesy of BBC News Website

photo courtesy of BBC News Website

– okay, well, no credible evidence incontrovertible proof – it seems a little hasty for the UN to be pushing for war crimes investigations. Doesn’t US status as untouchable extend to our allies? Of course, the UN and the hospitals are probably complicit in strapping those bombs, mortar and white phosphorus weapons on women, children and babies.”


There are many Christians that seem to think that criticizing Israel is as bad as criticizing the Bush andministration, since both actions amount to something akin to blasphemy. God no longer resides in an ark in Israel, if in fact God ever di…   Well, I’ll leave that alone. The government of Israel is also not equal to the Jewish faith – it is a secular government by its constitution – which is why many people of Jewish faith are also up in arms about the disproportionate use of force.

Theologically, we can state that God is in every situation – our specific theology is what determines where and how we believe God is present and active – but most would agree that God is in it. I can’t escape the picture that God is standing with people who are on the receiving end of Hamas-fired rockets AND in Gaza amid those being targeted by bombs and showered with mortar and white phosphorus.

The latter picture troubles me. You see, I can’t do anything about Hamas. But, my God being bombarded by my country’s allies with weapons made in my country sets my teeth on edge. I have a voice with which I can scream and I can take action, which makes me complicit if I don’t do so. So, I figure, I better get off my big, fat behind and make myself heard. How about you?

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