Right (Re)Defining “Bashing”

“BASHING”a word that has long been used by minorities to describe the actions of mobs and people motivated by hate. Some on the religious-right, because of the attention on gay bashing, have started to appropriate this word to talk about how they are being discriminated against. This video is potentially troubling because of some fo the images, but is a must see for those who wish to understand how the word “bashing” in being co-opted and watered down.

1 Response to “Right (Re)Defining “Bashing””

  1. March 4, 2009 at 9:06 AM

    Our small group class discussed CADL’s list . the comment was, “get thicker skin”. Bashing, is not criticism. it is violent.
    Years ago I was on my cousin’s back porch and noticed what I would call a shillaley leaning against the wall. “What is that?” I was told it was his “fag stick”. I asked for a further definition and was told that he took that to the local park “hunting” fags.
    Heart breaking.
    Back in the day a fellow named George and I used to walk hand in hand through the park, and into bars on occasion. it was not a protest for gay rights, we were just looking for a fight. George looks like Tony Soprano, but bigger. Few took us on, some did however. The type that seems to enjoy “fag hunting” is not looking for tropheys, they prey on the small and weak.
    I am standing with you on this. There will someday be Christian bashing I believe as we move into the final chapter, and if it does exist today it is being done at the hands of radical Islamists, not Hollywood, or the gay community.
    By the way years later at a rock concert, I pulled a guy off of the top of my cousin. They guy was calling him a faggot as he smashed cousin Dave’s face in. Is it OK for Christians to believe in Karma?

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