Growing Beyond Numbers – a continuing project

This is a project I was involved with several years ago, while in seminary. I have threatened numerous times to revisit this and continue to work at the basic premise. It was good, just not complete. If you feel inclined to help, I would appreciate any suggestions. I will no doubt make sure that the revisions can be seen apart from the original, which is owned collectively by all the authors. Each gave their permission years ago to work with this, as long as attribution was given.

Be prepared: This is a small book. It is, at least I think, interesting and challenging – especially for churches in flux and those trying to redefine their identity – but it is not a quick read.  

The Project can be accessed at: Growing Beyond Numbers. I would really appreciate any feedback you feel tempted to give.

P.S. I will be moving this here section by section – I will try to do that in a way that does not interfer with reading, but there may be short periods when it may not be accessible.

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